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1. Get Free iPhone 7 (Best Offer) -click banner below

2. Test and Keep Free iPhone 5 (United States)

3. Claim your Apple iPhone 5 (United States) 

4. Short Survey -Big Rewards! Free iPhone 5 plus $1000 gift card!

FREE iPhone 5 iPhone 4S Country Specific Offer

1. UK - Get Free iPhone 5 iPhone 4S

2. UK - Win Free iPhone 5 iPhone 4S

3. UK - Win Free iPhone 5 iPhone 4S

4. Canada

5. Australia

6. Spain

7. Netherlands - Get Free iPhone

8. Netherlands - Win Free iPhone Color

9. Portugal

10. Solvenia

11. Lithuania

12. Hungary

13. Get Free iPhone 4S by Referral (Worldwide Offer)

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Free iPhone 4S How it works?

Advertisers have an “acquisition” cost for their services or products. By giving out free Apple device, advertisers can in return gain more sign-ups for their services or products, and return the money saved for “acquisition” back as a free iPhone 4S to you.

Most free iPhone offers as listed here require you to participate in various different offers such as signing up for free monthly trials, completing surveys, referring a friends...etc.

Most of these need your credit card number (as free trials switch to paid memberships after the trial end) but they will not charge anything on your credit card until after the trials period.

For you to get a truly “free” iPhone 4S, you ought to be paying attention to when the trials period is over and stop them before that date if you don’t want to be charged. Of course, you might actually enjoy some of the new trial memberships (as I did with video rental) and keep them.

After you complete the required offers you will receive your free iPhone 4S by about 2 weeks, depending on the program you joined.

Some free offers like the luck draws you only submit your contacts to have chance winning an iPhone 4S or new iPad!

If you participate the "Test and Keep" offer, your responsibility is to give feedback to companies about your experience of the new products feature, any problem and expected improvement. In return you can keep the product free.

What is the difference between Country Specific and Worldwide Offer?

As the name tell, country specific offers only accept people from certain countries. Usually they are the BEST offers in your place to help you get the FREE iPhone 4S / iPad / iPod.

If you have visited an offer that are not available in your countries, you will be diverted automatically by our system to the BEST similar offer. You are highly recommended to join it up to enjoy the benefits.

Worldwide offers are available for people almost around the world to join to get their free gadget. Usually that require referral of certain no. of people to the campaign.

Is Free iPhone 4S a scam?

No, they are not scam but in fact a trade-off between consumers signing up for new services and products and advertisers who get consumers to try their services and products.

In the end of the campaign, advertisers will gain more subscribers who enjoy their services or products after trying free trials while the acquisition advertising costs had been transferred to the consumers as free iPhone 4S.

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