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Get paid for installing iphone appsDo you know that you can get paid for installing iphone apps? Everybody know that the App Store is very busy everyday - a lot of apps are listed there and almost all of them demand attention. It is not difficult to understand that some developers are willing to pay to get more attention. As a result, Apperang emerged which is a new service paying users to install certain apps on their iPhone. Apperang comes with their own verification system to check if you have installed the apps in the system. For example, after you have installed Booyah's MyTown and Flixter's Movies they will pay you $.5. What's more, you will get paid both for installing the app yourself, as well as referring the app to other Apperang users.

Apperang 3 steps

Is it legit? The answer is YES. A lots of app developers is in fact paying for advertising that is targeted towards their app installation, and this deal is not any different. Instead of keeping all the profit, Apperang serves as a platform to pass it on. A video on the site from Apperang indicates that they will pay US$.25 per app install. If the app is not free, they will reimburse the purchase price accordingly. As refer to the site their minimum payout is $1 which is done via Paypal.

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