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iPhone Spy App Review

Spy Bubble is the latest company to enter the booming spy app industry. Their spy app supports all the most popular smartphones such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian. Here is a list of features offered by Spy Bubble.

Spy Bubble Risk Free Download
GPS Tracking – As with other spy apps, this feature enables you to secretly track the cell phone that has Spy Bubble installed.

View Text Messages – Full contents of incoming and outgoing text messages are recorded and uploaded to your account.

View Call Logs – View call logs such as incoming & outgoing call data, time of call, & length of call.

View Phone Book – Find out all the cell numbers that are stored on the phone’s address/phone book.

Install on unlimited device - employer can install a spy application to all their company issued cell phones with Spy Bubble.

60 days money back guarantee - This feature is probably the one that make Spy Bubble out stand out from other alternatives. SpyBubble is endorsed by a lot of  users for the long trial period it offers. It takes time to install and test a right spy app, so it is nice to know you have 2 months to fully test its function.

Why you need iPhone Spy App?

1. Tracking Your Spouse: If you believe that your spouse has an affair, you can effectively use this iPhone software to keep track on his or her movements. You can also locate your spouse in emergency with the help of iPhone spy software.

2. Tracking Your Children: Parents are always searching the ways to track their children. Since iPhone is amongst the most popular phones of today, giving an iPhone for your kids with iPhone spy software pre-installed is very easy. You can track your kids in an emergency.

3. Tracking Employees: Employers can easily trace their employees through iPhone tracking software. It could be used to keep an eye on the employees who are frequently out in field.

How to Trace an iPhone?

You need to install iPhone spy software on the iPhone which you need to track. It can be done through downloading it using the iPhone's web browser. When the download is completed, you just need to go through set up procedure and configuration steps. Once installation is completed, iPhone will automatically begin recording GPS locations of that iPhone. It also starts recording other activities like emails, browser history, call logs, text messages and photos. Also through GPS logs, you can find all the information regarding the location by just clicking on that specific location.

Spy Bubble Risk Free Download