Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks

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An iPhone is a powerful communication device with diversified functions that many people cannot be without today. Do you know there are some tips and tricks in using your iphone? Here we tell you the top 10 tips and tricks about using your iphone.

Tips 1 - Hints to Get URL

In iphone Safari, do you know that you can press and hold any links in order to see the url and name of the website? This feature make you get the url and site name information fast.

Tips 2 - Scroll to the Top of the Page

You can automatically scroll to the top of the page by tapping on the top bar when you are using the iPhone applications.The top bar will show the time, service bars and the battery life. In Safari, this will also brings up the url address bar also.

Tips 3 - Show the Different Domain Suffix

Hold down the “ dot com” button, you can find a pop-up comes up with " dot net, dot org and dot edu” buttons. Slide your finger from them and then release your finger to select them.

Tips 4 - Disable Keyboard Suggested Word

To disable the keyboard suggested word spelling, you do not have to press “x” button at the end of the word. Tap on anywhere of the screen is already ok.

Tips 5 - Shortcut to Type a Domain

In iphone Safar when typing a web site address, you don’t need to type the dot com or www. For example, you can key “apple” in the url box in order to view “”.

Tips 6 - Take Your iPhone Screenshots Anywhere Anytime

You can take any screenshots easily on your iPhone at anytime. Firstly, press and hold the Home button, then click the Sleep button once. The screen will have a immediate white flash and the screenshot will be stored in your camera roll at once.

Tips 7 - Save Pictures in Safari

When you are surfing any web pages on iphone Safari, you simply touch the image and hold your finger. A menu will show up for you to save the image.The image is downloaded and saved under the Photo / Camera Roll.

Tips 8 - Insert Period

When you type on the iPhone, simply double tapping the Space Bar button everytime at the end of sentence. This will allow the iphone to insert a period followed by a space automatically.

Tips 9 - Insert Punctuation Easily

To key in any punctuations while using the iphone keyboard, you just press and hold the “123″ button and slide your finger over to any punctuation button. The punctuation will be inserted automatically after you have released the holding.

Tips 10 - Lengthen iPhone Battery Life

There is a sensor located right above the earpiece, it detects ambient light. The iPhone uses this sensor only one time per session, just when you unlock the device. But if you cover the sensor as you unlock the iphone, you can trick the device into thinking it’s in a dark room and to save power it will lower the screen brightness. You can also turn off WiFi and bluetooth if you don’t plan to use them. You can also change the setting of email fetch time to Hourly or Manually, and turn the Push off so as to save power.

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