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Apple iPad 2 - Specification of iPad 2 Reviewed

As a result of the globally hot Apple iPad, many people are watching for the release of the second-generation iPad 2. Despite the rumors in recent months about iPad 2 online everywhere, and even some manufacturers in mainland China trading site Alibaba advertising, prior sale iPad 2 protection kits, the news that a new post will be added iPad lens and USB slot, until the Zhou mysterious person to remove the protective kits Alibaba website advertising, it is believed this is the real design iPad 2, thereby iPad 2 features a large exposure.

Specification of iPad 2

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The iPad has been out for almost a year now and many competitors are already nipping at it's heal. The most popular at the moment is the Google Android based devices such as those produced by Samsung and Motorla with some these filling a gap between the iPhone and iPad. That is they are slightly larger than the iPhone but smaller than the iPad and the size is surprisingly efficient. Apples usual market domination is under strain though as their usual marketing idea of release a base product, then the next generation add features which make an upgrade worth it, then release another generation with some extra touches. Although some argue this is to avoid complications with new devices, others point out that other devices have features on release that the iPad doesn't. Here are some features the next iPad 2 will need to stay on top.

Video out i.e. HDMI

HDMI would really boost the iPad as a multimedia device. This would enable audio and sound to be streamed from the Apple device on to your TV or entertainment system. A 64GB iPad would be able to store a whole bunch of movies which you could then watch on a bigger screen. Issues with video scaling, performance, and battery consumption would need to be overcome to realise this feature.

Dual Video Camera

There is ample room inside the iPad to be able to fit a camera device at the front and end to support face time talk. I am not too sure though how convenient it would be trying to take a picture with the iPad due to it's size compared to the iPhone or other slimmer and smaller devices. A good feature though could be for recording video or even record and stream this video automatically on line. This would be quite handy to be able to put the iPad on a stand, set record, and let it do the rest. Additionally, with the HDMI port stated above, you could easily watch this content with no editing back at your place. As for the flash it could be feasible to also use this with video recording in a darker environment though this presents other problems such as exposure issues which would need to be circumvented. Night vision style video recording would be pretty cool too.


While there is enough market share for both Apple and Android based devices, the Apps that are available will definitely sway would be buyers. The Google App store has made large inroads and is now a very real contender to the Apple App Store. While Apple does take 30% cut off sales, the nature of the App store makes it a very lucrative option for developers. As for Google's Store there is some appreciation about the not so strict guidelines and royalty rights as to Apple's. Overall though it will not just be one main app, but the exclusive ones and how they function on each device, that will help to move devices off the shelves.

The iPad 2 is thinner than the first generation with lighter screen, using the same with the iPhone 4 retinal display technology.