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The black edition of the iPhone 4 was released in June 2010 and it wasn't long before network operators were offering it for free on many of their pricing plans. When Apple announced the new iPhone 4 they also previewed pictures of the soon-to-be-release white version, expected around July 2010. Not only did the white iPhone look great, much better than the white 3GS which was simply a colored battery cover, this one was clearly designed from scratch to be totally white, not just a makeover of the standard version. Despite this promise, not only has the white version been constantly delayed, with a firm release date not even in the pipeline, the chance of network operators offering the free white iPhone anytime soon look remote to say the least.

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Apple's recent media event to launch the new iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch did not even have a mention of the white iPhone. The only iPhone related event surrounded minor upgrades to the iOS operating software.

White iPhone Delays

Apple has freely acknowledged production issues with the opaque white glass used in the iPhone as a reason for the delay. It has even been suggested that a single CNC metal machining rig can only turn out three iPhone 4 covers per hour! It isn't clear how many machines are available.

Antenna Issues

Although not mentioned by Apple, the antenna issues highlighted shortly after the release of the black iPhone 4 probably account for some of the delay. Apple will want to resolve the problem before the white version is signed off for production.

White iPhone Availability

As we are now almost half-way through the iPhone 4's first year in production, and Apple has so far without fail released a new version of the iPhone every year since launch in 2007, it begs the question of will we ever see a free white iPhone 4?

I think we will as the non-appearance of a previously unveiled model wouldn't go down well with consumers, especially those that have been waiting specifically for the white edition. Apple won't want to be seen to be giving up on the product and will want to prove that the antenna issue can also be resolved.

Towards the end of September 2010 product information began to appear in US retailers hinting at the upcoming availability of a white iPhone 4. Whether this proves that the model is finally coming remains to be seen.

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